Civil Works & Construction Insurance

Construction insurance is a must for anyone in the building or civil works industry whether you are building houses, subdivisions or roads. Protect yourself from theft, and accidental damage. Protect yourself with comprehensive insurance coverage backed by expert advice

Civil Works & Construction Insurance

Comprehensive Civil Works & Construction Insurance

Build with confidence backed by comprehensive construction insurance.

Protect your business from unexpected problems during a build and present a professional image by having the right insurance in place. Let our expert team arrange all the insurance you need; based in Hamilton, servicing the wider Waikato region and able to advise clients NZ-wide.

If you are involved in house building, commercial construction or civil works like subdivisions or roading, construction insurance is a must have. Adequate insurance ensures that you are protected should the worst happen during your construction project.

Often there will be a contractual obligation to arrange insurance before the job has started, so don’t get caught short.  Contact Bridges Insurance Services for specialist advice from expert Hamilton-based insurance brokers and professional insurance solutions.

Construction insurance is an essential part of your insurance package

If you are in the building industry, construction insurance or contract works insurance is a vital part of your insurance. Contract works insurance protects you from losses during a building project and can prevent issues that may force your business to leave the job or even close down.

Alongside construction insurance, Bridges Insurance Services recommends that builders also consider:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance including heavy vehicle insurance to protect work vehicles from breakdown or theft
  • All relevant liability insurance for tradespeople including Licensed Building Practitioners and Defective Workmanship
  • Business insurance

Our team can also advise you on personal insurance including home and contents insurance and car insurance to protect your personal items, when your building project is complete.

House building insurance cover can be arranged per project or annually. If you are in the construction industry and are undertaking a number of projects each year, annual cover may be more practical. Annual policies usually cover all contracts during the term of the policy which are up to a specified value. Projects over the agreed value will need to be insured separately.

The team of experienced Waikato-based insurance brokers at Bridges Insurance Services can help you arrange the policy that best suits your needs. If you are a small building company or sole trader, talk to our team about specialist trades insurance that covers everything including public liability insurance, vehicle cover and more all in one easy to manage package.

Cover can be arranged for
Burglary or malicious damage
Weather events
Natural disasters
Accidental damage


We have outlined some common insurance questions to help you understand insurance better.

What do I need to do if I need to make a claim?

Please give one of our friendly claims team a call or complete a claim form through the website and we will be in touch. Make a Claim Here.

What fees do you charge? How do you make your money?

For most policies, we are remunerated by the insurer when you take out cover arranged by us. This includes renewals and changes you make throughout the year. 

The remuneration we receive is a percentage of the company premium & company natural disaster premium you are charged. All other levies, Government charges and taxes are collected without us earning income on these.

In addition, to enable us to provide you with a high level of service we may also apply an Administration Charge which will be shown on your invoice.

What is a Duty of Disclosure?

When you enter into a contract of insurance you have a legal duty to disclose to the insurer all facts that are material to the risk. This would include all information you know or could reasonably be expected to know that would influence the judgment of a prudent insurer in accepting or declining an insurance risk or in fixing the premium or terms or conditions of the contract.

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